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Thank you for choosing us as the “Best of Burbank” for 11 years!

Since 2008 East Valley Eye Center has been named to the Best of Burbank list until the last year The Burbank Leader published awards in 2019.

Doctors Kourosh Eghbali and Farid Eghbali are brothers with more than 40 years of experience collectively. East Valley Eye Center is a proud recipient of once again “Best of Burbank” for the 11th year. Our eye doctors have helped more than 26,000 patients enjoy vision correction surgery and have given nearly 120 lectures and published more than 30 articles on eyecare.

We view each patient as a celebrity of our practice and a member of a team. We thank you for your support and for selecting our doctors and eyecare team to support your precious gift of sight.
 – Drs. Kourosh & Farid Eghbali

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Lynn S. Avatar
Lynn S.
5 star rating
8/04/2022 - Yelp

I have been seeing Dr. Farid Eghbali for 20 years and I couldn't be a happier patient. He and his brother really care about their patients, which is why I have continued with them whether they were in my health insurance plans at work or not over the years.
They have a new procedure that I have used for my dry eye. It's Optilight and it is the only FDA approved IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) for management of dry eye due to (MGD) Meibomian Gland Dysfunction. It works! I am in the middle of the four treatments right now and I see great improvement. As another benefit, the doctor will also use additional passes over your face with the IPL with other differently calibrated wands, which is reducing my rosacea and dark spots in my complexion. I also think that the price I am paying for what is actually solving three of my problems in one visit ( times 4 treatments) is very very fair, if not a real bargain.
I rarely write reviews and I am writing this one because I feel so strongly.

Elena Arutunova Avatar
Elena Arutunova
7/14/2022 - Google

I am very grateful and really appreciate the Eghbali brothers, Dr. Farid Eghbali examined and diagnosed my vision, explained in an accessible and understandable way, Dr. Kourosh Egnbali who professionally and successfully performed cataract surgery. I'm very happy. It was friendly, attentive and caring. I didn't expect it to be so quick and painless. Of course, they are very professional in their field. I recommend the East Valley Eye Center and the Eghbali brothers for your vision problems based on my personal experience.I am happy and satisfied that I made the right choice!

Christine T. Avatar
Christine T.
5 star rating
6/23/2022 - Yelp

Before the pandemic, I had been going to North Valley Eye for my eye/vision care. I have always had problems with dry eye from surgery I had when I was in high school. I will not mention the name of the doctor who cared for me over 20 years since he is retired but I relied on him to do what he could for me.

Since his retirement, I decided to start up with my husband's eye doctor, Dr. Farid Eghbali at East Valley Eye Center. To my horror, he gently told me I had several conditions going on that had grown so much worse due to lack of treatment. I am now facing multiple surgeries in the future but for now he has prescribed simple treatments that have made a world of difference in my vision and comfort! He is kind, gentle and very attentive to questions. The office is run efficiently, you are seen very close to your appointment time, unlike North Valley Eye. If you are looking to make a change for vision care. I highly recommend Dr. Eghbali!

Abby Avatar
5/10/2022 - Google

Dr Eghbali is WONDERFUL. I have a rare disorder that I thought was causing the inflammation in my eye, I had just seen another dr in the bldg next door who wanted to cut into my eye. I felt super uneasy about it and just walked in unannounced to Dr Eghbali’s office. Most of the staff was at lunch and he saw that I was desperate and saw me right THEN. He was so kind, so knowledgeable about my autoimmune situation (which few med professionals are) and quickly sorted me out. I’m so grateful to have found this practice!

Annie Z. Avatar
Annie Z.
5 star rating
5/10/2022 - Yelp

EVEC and Dr Farid Eghbali saved my butt today when I wandered in after having an awful experience at another office. Most of the staff had left for lunch, but the receptionist (whose name I don't remember, unfortunately) and Dr Eghbali saw that I was distressed and immediately took care of me. Dr Eghbali was confident and knowledgeable about my complicated situation and made me feel totally at ease. I instantly knew that following my intuition into their office was the right thing to do. And now I have the great eye team that I've needed!

Ana V. Avatar
Ana V.
5 star rating
1/31/2022 - Yelp

Love the Drs here! Ive been wearing contacts/eyeglasses for over 20 years, have a family history of all types of eye problems, so I always make sure to find the best opthalmologist in my area to check the health of my eyes.

Sure, I could go to a lensecrafters, Costco (which i love) or other places and get my prescription pretty easy - BUT they won't necessarily check the health of your eyes or be willing to explain to you what type of material, eye drops, etc. works best for your specific needs....or they won't be knowledgeable about some of the more complicated/atypical eye conditions. My priority is the health of my eyes and making sure I do whatever I can to keep my vision well for as long as possible.

Also, because my prescription is pretty high and I have sensitive eyes and whatnot, my contacts and eyeglass lenses tend to be on the pricier side (this has always been the case, regardless of where I go) and the Drs here always give me coupons when they can or help me compare prices even if it means ordering from somewhere else.

Customer service: The first time I went I was so embarrassed bc I went without the name of the contact brand I had been using and I had been wanting to change the brand... Long story short, basically, i went unprepared...and i was all flustered..and they were SO PATIENT with me as I called previous clinics to get a copy of my records. Really, anybody else would've

been, " see ya later, come back when you have yourself sorted" lol... they were so patient and gracious.

Anyways, they're great Drs.

Teri P. Avatar
Teri P.
5 star rating
1/07/2022 - Yelp

If I could give 1,000,000 stars I would. I have been going here for years and every time I go I feel more and more grateful that I found Dr Eghbali. Recently I thought I scratched my eye...The office was closing early for New Years but he stayed late and squeezed me in to see me. Turned out I had an aggressive virus in my eye that could have permanently jeopardized my vision. He monitored me almost daily and checked on me regularly. My eyes are fine now thanks to him. I am so grateful for his knowledge, his experience and his good heart. He has continued to go beyond what a normal doctor would do--he genuinely cares about his patients, takes the time to make sure you feel comfortable and informed and has a great sense of humor as an added bonus. Dr Eghbali is the absolute best.

Morris-Morad Z. Avatar
Morris-Morad Z.
5 star rating
1/05/2022 - Yelp

Dr. Farid Eghbali has been my ophthalmologist of mine for over 15 years. I drive over 30 miles just to see him, He is highly skilled, and experience eye doctor. I have been recommend him to any of my family, friends or co-workers for their eye doctor for many year and would have the pleasure to due in the future also.

Kinga Kulcsar Avatar
Kinga Kulcsar
11/11/2021 - Google

The Eghbali doctor brothers were the most caring doctors I ever met. Excellent service and a very high level of professionalism. They gave me back my 20/20 vision after Polaris cataract on my left eye. With my eyes, there also heal my visual artist soul from near blindness. I can't wait to have down my right eye with them. Thank you, Dr. Farid and Dr. Kourosh, for giving my life back. Both of you made East Valley Eye Center my happy place
With Love,

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with Farid Eghbali over the last 10 years. Over those years, Farid has helped treat hundreds of mutual patients in an outstanding and excellent manner. He is a consummate professional providing thorough and skilled care using sound judgement and state of the art techniques to evaluate and treat a variety of eye ailments. He provides primary vision care ranging from sight testing and correction to the diagnosis, treatment, and management of a variety of eye diseases. He often cares for and manages some of the most difficult patients in my practice. He presents with excellent interpersonal communication skills, especially as it relates to his bedsite manner. Above all, his ethics are beyond reproach. He is a well-established clinician in our community and is always well received by my patients, as well as by my physician colleagues. I consider him to be one of the finest clinicians that I’ve had the priviledge of working with. It is without hesitation that I recommend Dr. Farid Eghbali for your eyecare needs.
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Paresh N. Varu


I want just to say how grateful I am to Dr Khourosh Eghbali. I had very bad cataracts on my both eyes, but on my left eye I was completely blind. I couldn’t read, watch TV, use a computer. Dr.K.Eghbali was the one who gave me a chance to live my life of full value. He performed 2 surgeries on my both eyes, now I have “Restore” lenses, my vision is 20/20. Also, would like to mention the staff who was very considerate.

Thank you again Dr Kourosh Eghbali.

Your grateful patient Lidiya Babayants

It was the best decision I ever made.

On my very first visit, Dr. Eghbali and his staff were incredibly warm and welcoming. When I explained my past experiences and struggles with Keratoconus and the numerous doctors I’d worked with, their genuine interest and confidence that they could help me lifted years of worry off my shoulders. Most important, for the first time in my life, I am not only seeing clearly, but I am wearing contacts that feel like nothing.

The absolute best!!! Thank you Dr. Eghbali and East Valley Eye Center!

Lisa S.

Marina del Rey, CA

Dear Dr. Eghbali,

A donation was made in your honor to Chabad of Burbank by one of your patients in gratitude for a great surgery that you performed.

Thank you so much for spreading the good vibe about Chabad and I look forward to meeting you in person.


Rabbi Shmuly Kornfeld

Chabad of Burbank

I have worn glasses and contacts for almost 20 years and decided recently that I wanted to do LASIK. My husband was the one recommending Dr Farid Eghbali …Throughout the whole process he has been so thorough and knowledgeable and I felt that he helped me make a very informed decision. His brother Kourosh Eghbali was the one who performed the actual procedure, and he did an awesome job. The next day my vision was 20/20 and all my numbers were perfect.
Kristin D.

Burbank, CA

Wow! I just picked up my glasses and contact lenses from East Valley Eye Center. I have been told in the past that I would be unable to wear contact lenses. A friend at Warner Brothers referred me to Dr. Farid Eghbali, today I am wearing comfortable contact lenses and seeing great. The Staff at this office was efficient and friendly….Two thumbs up for Dr Eghbali and East Valley Eye Center.
Mario, C.

North Hollywood, CA

I have been a patient at East Valley Eye Center for more than 20 years. I have always received excellent care and polite and courteous treatment. It seems as though all the women that work there really want to make your visit pleasant… I always feel comfortable when I leave the office knowing the care I just received was excellent.
Gail W.

Sherman Oaks, CA

Dr. Farid Eghbali is wonderful…He took the time to answer my questions; he didn’t seem rushed or distracted… As it turned out, I needed glasses, and I’m now the first-time owner of a pair of cute frames, which were recommended to me by the optician. I no longer have eye strain and headaches at work. Praise God.
Betsy D.

North Hollywood, CA

My experience with East Valley Eye Center has been exceptional. I have been going to their offices for the past 15 or more years…I can’t imagine going anywhere else for my eye examinations and my prescription and frames.
Mary Ann H.

Burbank, CA

My entire family goes to this practice. I’ve been so impressed with how patient, fun and creative Dr. Eghbali is while examining my children. I also appreciate the fact that they have a waiting area just for kids. This takes some of the pressure off of trying to keep the kids quiet in a doctor’s office.

Margo C.

Burbank, CA

Dear Drs. Eghbali (and staff!)

What a ride! Thank you for being there for me and holding my hand through a fabulous experience! I’ve always been impressed by your level of care, professionalism and compassion and this time was no different…You will always have my highest recommendation and regard.

See you soon!

Micki Z.

A happy testimonial from a grateful patient.

Thank you, Dr. Eghbali, for your expertise, your professional manner and reassurances respecting my recent surgery at your capable hands. My initial fears were immediately allayed being greeted as I was by your very competent staff, all professional, all keenly aware of my trepidation when first entering your establishment. Not ever having had surgery ever, I was fearful to say the least, but in minutes I was made comfortable, talked to and calmed. A very restful few hours prepared me for the procedure of removing my very dense cataract. The subsequent operation went skillfully and swiftly, and from a 2300 sight deficiency to a 20-20 one was almost instantaneous. A great and miraculous result; no pain, no blood, no negatives, all particularly brilliant.

Thank you

Warren T.

I am so glad to have a wonderful doctor in Farid Eghbali. He really knows what he is doing and even teaches at UCLA….If you want quality eye care any of the doctors in this office will give you what you need.

Thank you, Dr. Eghbali, for your expertise, your professional manner and reassurances respecting my recent surgery at your capable hands. My initial fears were immediately allayed being greeted as I was by your very competent staff, all professional, all keenly aware of my trepidation when first entering your establishment. Not ever having had surgery ever, I was fearful to say the least, but in minutes I was made comfortable, talked to and calmed. A very restful few hours prepared me for the procedure of removing my very dense cataract. The subsequent operation went skillfully and swiftly, and from a 2300 sight deficiency to a 20-20 one was almost instantaneous. A great and miraculous result; no pain, no blood, no negatives, all particularly brilliant.

Thank you

Beverly P.

Toluca Lake, CA

…I saw, Dr. Farid Eghbali. I had never been here, and it’s always kinda scary walking into a new eye doctor, but he made me relax and feel very comfortable. He has good sense of humor, and he is very personable.
Michelle E.

Burbank, CA

I visited East Valley Eye Center today and can’t wait to go back! The staff there was friendly, helpful, informative and seemed like they truly enjoyed their time with me. Dr. Eghbali gave me his full attention and really listened to me and my needs….East Valley Eye Center deserves more than 5 stars!
Joan S.

Playa Vista, CA

I have seen both doctors and they are both great doctors with a wonderful staff….You only get two eyes and they do not grow back so we must take care of them and I would not want anyone other than them to take care of my eyes.
Jim C.

Sylmar, CA

After wearing glasses and contacts for 20 years I was ready to take the plunge and go for LASIK surgery… Dr. Farid Eghbali recommended that we take a few extra weeks to monitor my eyes to double and triple check that I was a good candidate for the surgery…That really wow-ed me since it was the complete opposite of the other money hungry doctors I had met with. I appreciated his honesty and integrity and knowing that he was looking out for my best interest long term…. I had the surgery done and was immediately thrilled with the results… just got back from my two year checkup and I still have 20/15 vision!
S. F.

Pasadena, CA

I had an emergency: it was late night I called the office and got the doctor on call…I explained my problem, he asked me to meet him at the office. The next day I got a call to see how I was doing by one of the staff. I am grateful for their care, great office to go and get your eyes checked.
A. J.

North Hollywood, CA

Wow! What a wonderful eye exam by Dr Farid Eghbali and his Technician. I picked up my glasses yesterday and this is the best vision i have had in years.

The staff made me feel as if I had know them for years. The Doctor was very careful and informed me of several things I did not know before.

I am looking forward to my next eye exam and I would surely send my family and friends to the eye care center .


Sylmar, CA

Dr. Farid Egbali is such a caring doctor. recently I had a very frightening experience with my eye, and he and his staff spent 3 hours testing my eye, and then found me a very good Neurologist, Dr. Faisal to assist in my continued care.

When I needed to go on a business trip, he called my husband to constantly check on my well being.


Burbank, CA