InstraLase© Laser Vision Correction


Femtosecond Laser

LASIK has always involved two steps: making a flap and reshaping the cornea with the Excimer laser. Because we are dedicated to providing our patients with the best possible vision, we use the IntraLase femtosecond laser to make the flap, thereby making LASIK an ALL-LASER procedure.

In seconds, with computer preosion and high-speed delivery, the IntraLase laser delivers over a million tiny two micron-sized bubbles that gently separate the layers of corneal tissue and creates a customized flap of the desired thickness, size, orientation, and location. This unprecedented level of control makes LASIK safer and allows more patients to qualify for LASIK. This level of precision, control, and safety is simply impossible to achieve with a hand-held mechanical microkeratome that uses a surgical blade to make the flap.  Corneal tissue is separated by over a million tiny two micron-sized bubbles.  The flap is lifted to allow for the laser treatment.  Once the desired corneal shaping is completed, the corneal flap is lowered and closed to allow for healing.

Burbank Laser Surgery

Make an appointment to meet with one of our eye doctors to discuss whether Intralase or other forms of LASIK are right for you. You can have your laser surgery performed right here in Burbank by our skilled LASIK surgeons.