Cataracts & Surgery


cataract clouding of eye lens

What is a cataract?

Cataracts are clouding of all or part of the lens of your eye. The lens is normally clear. When cataracts form, the lens becomes cloudy and leads to blurred or distorted vision. This can also cause the perceived colors you see to change. White can see more yellowish. Cataracts can be found in younger people but cataracts are most often found in people over age 55.


Are Cataracts Just Natural Aging?

Cataracts are often attributed to the normal process of aging, but there are other factors that can cause or speed the formation of cataracts. These include exposure to ultraviolet light (UV), cigarette smoking, and using certain medications. Studies suggest that antioxidants in the diet may lower the risk for developing cataracts.


Onset of Cataract Damage Can Be Unnoticed

Cataracts form without causing pain or discomfort so many people don’t immediately notice their onset. Signs that a cataract may be forming include cloudy, blurred or hazy vision, and increased sensitivity to light or glare. People often find the need to turn on the lights or get more light in order to see well. Our eye doctors can also notice if there has been a large change in your prescription.


What Can I Do If I Have Cataracts?

Our doctors can detect and diagnose the presence cataracts as they form. We can also remove cataract formation through eye surgery.  After surgery, many patients comment about the great increase in visual clarity and brilliant colors they see.  An oft heard comment is “white walls and papers are white – not yellow!”