Eyecare Technology

We integrate advanced eyecare technology into our vision care to provide our doctors with the best informtion about your specific vision needs and to give you the best experience.

Retinal Imaging

Our vision care center uses Optos ultra-widefield scanning laser technology to help our doctors in analyzing, documenting and monitoring current ocular conditions and changes that may happen over time. This imaging can help detect problems that other conventional eye exams may miss. What we get with our Optos system is a broader view of your eyes with high resolution. As a patient, it's painless, quick, non-contact, with no dialation needed.

Optos ultra widefield imaging allows us to see more of your inner eye retinal image from Optos system shows eye damage
Our Optos Daytona imaging system and an real retinal image - this shows ocular damage to the eye

This retinal imaging sytem gives us a view up to 200 internal degrees of the retina at one time and in correct orientation. That's more than 80% of the inside of your eye. And simultaneously we can view the central pole, mid periphery and periphery.

Optos wide field imaging allows us to see more of your inner eye

Surgical Laser Technology

For our patients who choose advanced laser refractive surgery, we offer a variety of technologies and advanced equipment.

Laser technologies include:

  • Conventinal LASIK - an excimer laser delivers a computer-driven ultraviolet beam of light that reshapes the surface of the cornea
  • IntraLase© - femtosecond laser replaces the conventional blade for making a corneal flap prior to LASIK laser treatment. This creates an all-laser process.
  • CustomVue© - with WaveScan®-based digital technology, maps the detailed surface of your eye for a new level of laser precision and accuracy in laser surgery.
  • Photo-Refractive Keratecomy • PRK - state-of-the-art computer technology combined with precision of the excimer laser

Surgical Contact Lenses Technology

  • Implantable Contact Lenses • ICL - contact lens inserted in the eye, between the iris and your natural lens. This only takes minutes.
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